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4 tips for boosting your CRS for migrating to Canada

When trying to enter Canada through the Express Entry program, one factor will dictate your success: the CRS score. Short for ‘Comprehensive Ranking System,’ the CRS score is derived from different aspects specific to each individual. In other words, your score is dependent on various factors in your life, from your education to your relationships. The higher that score, the higher your chances of successfully immigrating to Canada.

With that in mind, are you interested in boosting your CRS score? If so, here are some effective tips for growing it:

1. Find a job offer

One of the best ways to earn points for your CRS score is to receive a Canadian employer’s job offer. Do note, however, that for you to earn points for it, you need to meet certain criteria. For instance, the job has to be full-time, spanning at least a year. The offer also has to be in writing. If you do get a job offer and the necessary documents to prove it, you can get as many as 200 points.

2. Boost your language scores

Another quick way to get more points is to learn another language or retake the language test. The highest level you can get in the Canadian Language Benchmark is CLB 9. If you got any lower than a 9, you could always improve it. It goes without saying that the higher the score you get, the more points you can add to your CRS score. For instance, you can get up to 24 extra points if you learn a second language.

3. Collect more work experience

Work experience is an essential factor for your CRS score, and more often than not, you will want at least five years or higher to maximize your score. If you have less than three years, you will want to need to spend another year or two to gain more points.

Also, do not be afraid to list down all the work experience you’ve amassed over the years. You never know what is transferable and what is on demand.

3. Collect more work experience

Different provinces and territories around Canada have the liberty to welcome immigrants into their communities through the Express Entry stream. This function is through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). It can be seen on your nomination certificate, and you can even get up to 600 points added to your CRS score, which is typically more challenging to get and has a higher base score requirement.

4 Obtain a provincial nomination

If you want a chance for a large number of points (the largest possible), try to obtain a provincial nomination. It is worth half the total CRS score—600 points for a nomination. Note that the score can vary, meaning you can get around 400 points or even up to 800 points depending on the province and the nomination. Regardless, this is a lot of points, and you would be remiss for not trying!


All the tips above are great ways to improve your CRS score. If at all possible, we highly recommend that you apply to them all! Though it will take some time, they are definitely worth the effort. That said, different programs will have different requirements, criteria, and so on. Be sure to understand all these before you do anything to ensure that your efforts are not wasted!

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