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What to expect from the 2021 Canadian immigration policies

People looking to start a new life abroad may want to think about adding Canada to their list of potential places to immigrate to because of the array of opportunities the country holds. If your target move is within 2021, it’s important to make sure you’re well prepared, and you have all the documents and application forms you need to get started.

Due to the turnout of events brought about by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, no one is an exception when it comes to immigrating to Canada. While people continue to face travel restrictions and other immigration obstacles, this year will hopefully turn things around.

Keep reading below to find out what you can look forward to regarding Canada’s state of immigration in 2021.

Travel Restrictions Will Be Loosened

By now, everyone is already familiar with the COVID-19 pandemic and its significant impact towards the entire world. Canada has been experiencing strict travel restrictions since March last year, preventing tourists, immigrants, and visitors from entering the country.

Fortunately, with the availability of the vaccine slowly underway in Canada, with more and more residents and citizens getting vaccinated, it’s only a matter of time before the situation becomes better. Before people know it, everyone will be free to resume their plans and travel to Canada again.

Once things go back to normal, the government is bound to lift the country’s travel restrictions. As a result, people can reunite with their loved ones and immigrants hoping to acquire permanent residency can rejoice because they can continue fulfilling their life-long dream.

Federal Election May Be Possible

With the way the current government is handling the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, the Prime Minister continues to hold the power of transforming the minority government into a major one. As a result, he can better grasp the present issues that the country is facing, including providing people with the fastest way to immigrate to Canada.

According to researchers, while an election is not legally necessary this year, it may not stop Canadians from joining the federal election. Due to potential political occurrences, plenty of immigrants could benefit from the turnout of events, that is, if the Liberals win.

In addition, the Canadian government is planning to accept over four hundred thousand permanent residents in 2021, which acts as the highest target in more than a century. It serves as good news for temporary visa holders and international students as well.

The IEC Program Could Resume

International students interested in studying in Canada usually benefit from the International Experience Canada (IEC) program. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, last year’s IEC schedule experienced major difficulties.

In a typical setting, the IEC serves as a great opportunity for students worldwide, thus making it a successful event each time. However, it’s now up to the way things will go further down the year regarding the vaccinations and the loosening of travel restrictions before the IEC season can resume.

The moment it does open, students can expect new and improved rules and regulations due to the aftermath of COVID-19. In the meantime, the youth must sit back, remain hopeful, and watch events unfold with each month that passes.


It’s crucial for potential immigrants of Canada to remain up-to-date with the current happenings within the country, especially if they want to move one day. When everything goes according to plan, and 2021 is the year COVID-19 is contained, a bright future awaits immigrants. They can expect loose travel restrictions, a possible federal election, and the resumption of the IEC program.

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