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3 practical ways to improve your score for Express Entry

You may already know that the first step to being qualified for an Express Entry program is to set up your profile as you are assigned a CRS score. Unfortunately, it may be lower than you were expecting, especially if you are not knowledgeable about effective ways to boost your score.

Thus, it is important to know more about the process to ensure you get into Canada as soon as possible and with convenience in mind as you also meet your needs, like pursuing further studies or a new career. Consider the following practical means to increase your current CRS score and better your chances of getting approved for Express Entry:

1. Indicate all your educational credentials

If you are under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC), you can benefit from listing all educational credentials, especially if you finished college and postgraduate studies. Even one-year diploma courses can qualify as an educational credential. Remember, it doesn’t matter if these educational programs are not directly related to your current job. All that matters is boosting your CRS score by up to 200 points, which is a massive advantage!

Additionally, if you currently lack educational courses to boost your chances of being chosen from the CEC or FSTC pools, it may be high time to either pursue a new degree or complete your unfinished courses. Doing so can increase your CRS score and improve your personal development. Just ensure that you obtain your Educational Credential Assessment for your finished educational programs to significantly improve your chances of getting chosen through pooling.

2. Mention your family members that are Canadian citizens

Many individuals want to immigrate to Canada because they miss their families. The good news is that your sibling or spouse can help add to your CRS score. All you have to do is prove your relationship to add 15 points to your final score.

Take note that relationships can be by blood, adoption, marriage, and common-law partnership. Just ensure you have the right papers ready as your proof for being connected with someone.

For example, if you are married to a Canadian citizen, have your marriage certificate ready. If you don’t have any papers and for some reason cannot get them, consider consulting with immigration officers or do your research to come up with a valid solution.

3. Take English and French language proficiency tests to prove your fluency

As Canadian psycholinguist Frank Smith would say, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” This statement bodes true for your CRS score if you are proficient in both English and French, which happen to be the official languages of Canada. Just be prepared to take proficiency tests to prove your fluency, especially since some programs require some level of mastery.

For instance, the Provincial Nominee Program may only have applicants for French speakers because of the high density of native speakers in the area. Thus, even you can fair well in the other immigration programs and survive in Canada. If you only know English, don’t shy away from the opportunity to learn French when the need arises!


Boosting your CRS Score can be an effective way to increase your chances of getting into Canada, especially since you want to distinguish yourself from other candidates included in the same pool. Now that you have a practical understanding of what you may need to do, ensure you also know which immigration program may be accessible to you. This way, you can take advantage of your skills and background, allowing you to access Canadian citizenship and its many benefits.

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