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Documents Needed for an Express Entry Application

Have you been hunting far and wide for an Express Entry checklist to help you know what you can do to immigrate into Canada successfully? If so, here is some bad news: you won’t find one. The Canadian government does not offer the Express Entry checklist to those who are not invited to apply. 

What is required from an individual can differ from one person to another, based on the classification, background, and many other factors. Even then, for those that have been invited, the checklist is only given after the invitation has been sent. To make matters worse, the applicants are only given two months to apply. This can cause a lot of issues, simply because many of the documents required take a lot of time to obtain.

Although we do not have access to any official checklist, there are many mandatory documents we know that the checklist requires no matter their classification. With that, here are the documents you will need to be prepared to apply through Express Entry:

1. Marital status documents

If you are married, you will be required to submit a certification of your marriage. Keep in mind the marriage must be legal in the country it was held in and under Canadian law. If it is illegal either in Canada or the origin country, the marriage will not be recognized.

If you are not married but are in a common-law partnership, you will need to provide documents to prove cohabitation of at least twelve months. These documents can include leases, utility bills, joint bank account statements, and the likes. You will also need to fill out a Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union form.

In rare cases, common-law partnerships can be proven even if both parties couldn’t cohabitate (such as in places where same-sex relationships and marriages are illegal). You will, however, need to consult a Canadian immigration expert about your options.

2. Relevant travel documents

You and anyone applying with you will need to have the right travel documents. This includes your passport, visas, and the like. To upload the document online, you will need to have individual pages for each member. Each page will contain a photo of the person, the date of birth, the pages in the passport with the visas, and so on. Note that if you are alone, then you only have to do one page for yourself.

3. Proof of studies, work experience, etc.

If you are using the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) and are trying to claim points on education, work experience, and more, you will need to provide proof of each relevant document. You will need to provide proof with diplomas, degrees, and the like if you want to claim points on your education. 

On the other hand, if you are trying to claim points from your work experience, you will need to show proof of employment, a reference letter from your employer, etc. 

These documents are essential so that the officials can identify how qualified you are and grant you the appropriate points to boost your CRS score.


You will need to have a few other documents when you get your invitation to apply, such as your birth certificates, custody documents, and the like. Note that not all of these documents will apply to you, such as the custody document if you are not married. However, for those that you believe you will need, gather them as soon as you can. This way, when you receive the invitation to apply, you would have all the documents ready to upload. 

Plus, if you are missing any documents, you can focus on obtaining those instead. This reduces the risk of getting your application cancelled because it was not completed in time, enhancing your chances of successfully immigrating to Canada.

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