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Reasons Your Canadian Visa Application Was Denied

After spending days and weeks (and even years) thinking about starting a new life in a different part of the world, you’ve come to a realization that you’re ready to move to Canada. 

Whether you saw one of the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC’s) announcements or heard from your Canadian immigrant relative, moving to Canada is always a good idea. From top-quality healthcare and unrestricted job security to a highly-welcoming environment and a diverse range of immigrant populations, Canada is undoubtedly the destination to be. 

Once you’ve made up your mind, there is nothing else left to do but apply and do your due diligence. At this point, you’ve probably filled your sheets in, asked a few of your relatives who successfully passed the immigration process, and consulted with Immproved dozens of times to double-check your chosen program!

With nothing left to deal with, you put your papers together, get everything ready, and send your application with your fingers crossed. However, after months of waiting, you got the opposite of what you were hoping for: Your application was denied. 

Why were you denied?

Although Canada’s immigration programs are built to accommodate the highest chances of approval for candidates, the risk of getting denied outright is still quite inherent. Unfortunately, as rare as a disapproved or refused Canadian visa application may be, it is still a concrete possibility, which can be especially inconvenient when it comes to working plans, visa plans, and living arrangements.

While it may be understandable to start thinking about reapplying or petitioning for your permanent residency visa under any program, it’s worth getting a better understanding of why you may have been disapproved. To give you a better idea of why you may have experienced such a result, here are a few possible explanations worth considering: 

1. You failed to show an adequate amount of financial resources to finance your travel and stay in Canada

One of the most common reasons most denied applications end up in such a state is that nearly every rejection failed to disclose a report featuring adequate financial resources. Often, inadequate figures are a signal for most, if not all, officers to deny an application since not having the necessary liquidity can make for a rather difficult adjustment period. From homelessness to exploitation, not having enough money to take on the expenses of both travel and a stay will lead to complications, something Canada does NOT want to take part in.

2. You failed to provide accurate and proper supporting documentation

At Immproved, we heavily emphasize the practice of checking your documents (and their accompanying validity) because of how the failure to do so has led to repeated denials. Although it may only take a few minutes, being careful with your document compilation can make the difference between your acceptance and denial. If you’ve committed the latter, you should review your documents right away.

3. You failed to disclose your criminal record

If there’s anything we don’t recommend doing during your Canadian immigration visa application, it’s lying about your criminal record. Compared to other mistakes, lying about a criminal past bears the most consequences because doing so may result in a hefty (and sometimes permanent) ban. Seeing that both the Canadian government and the IRCC have doubled down on their immigration security, it is no surprise that officers have the tools to run full backgrounds when reviewing your application! 


As stressful as it may be, the experience of getting your Canadian visa application denied is a critical time to re-evaluate your paperwork and other actions leading up to the filing process. Thankfully, keeping this guide in mind will allow you to pinpoint any specific problems and oversights you have made to approach your application in the most effective way possible!

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