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Immigration to Quebec_ What You Need to Be Aware Of

When people are new to Canada, one of the places they choose to go to is Quebec. This popularity has led to an immigrant population that, according to a recent census, is now at over a million. Despite this, the province is more French-speaking than English-speaking. It should be noted that French is not mandatory when immigrating to Quebec. Needless to say, any existing knowledge and grasp of French is absolutely an advantage in the process. 

Why do people choose to immigrate to Quebec?

Montreal, one of the largest cities in all of Canada, can be found in this province. It’s known for having a rich melting pot of culture and diversity, which makes it attractive to immigrants. Quebec, in general, has a great economy, with a slew of jobs that have openings. This is thanks in part to their vibrant workforce. 

That particular city also holds a number of festivals that are internationally renowned on an annual basis. This includes, but is not limited to, the Osheaga Music Festival, the International Jazz Festival, and the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.

Both rental and purchase of a home in Quebec are also far cheaper than what one would find in Vancouver and Toronto. That also plays a key role for many in finding Quebec to be their ideal destination. Weather-wise, the summers are lush and hot; this is quite the balance to winters that are quite cold. There are gorgeous hiking trails, campgrounds, lakes, and parks throughout the entire province.

What goes into the process in order to immigrate to Quebec?

In general, there is a selection criteria by the government of Canada that goes into immigration. Quebec, however, operates separately from this. Whether you’re an individual or part of a family looking to become permanent economic residents in Quebec, it is necessary to pass through Quebec’s own immigration system.

There is a process for Quebec immigration that entails two steps:

  • Eligibility for a CSQ (Certificat de selection du Quebec; in English, a Quebec Selection Certificate) and actually getting one. It’s a document that proves an applicant is chosen to settle down in the province of Quebec.
  • Application of people who have approved CSQ for Canadian permanent residence to the Canadian government. At that level, criminality and health are the prime issues at the forefront. This is because the factors involving experience, human capital, and skills have already been vetted by the government of Quebec and thus approved. 

Applicants under Family Class and refugee claimants within Canada have the possibility of being admitted. That is aside from the way selection of economic immigrants to Quebec are essentially controlled by their government. When 2020 came in, another requirement was added for those applying for permanent residence by way of immigration programs of Quebec. They must have a clear understanding of the values of Quebec. Typically, there’s a need for course completion and passing a test on Quebec values.


Immigrating to Quebec is a popular choice, especially because of Canada’s second-largest city, Montreal. The process is fairly easy, though it should be noted that the Quebec government is different. French is not a requirement, but it’s an advantage.

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