Seeking Permanent Residency in Canada Through Express Entry

Seeking Permanent Residency in Canada Through Express Entry

There are several immigration programs under the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allow foreign nationals to discover life in Canada as permanent residents. This can come in different forms, ranging from applications for work permits and spousal sponsorships. However, many of them require particular recommendations from established institutions either for employment or opportunities to study. Thankfully, there’s one immigration application accessible for many who are willing to acquire Canadian permanent citizenship.

How do I apply for Express Entry?

In simple terms, applying for an Express Entry involves submitting your profile of requirements and getting an invitation to apply for approval to be a Canadian permanent resident. The first step involves a lot of paperwork to prove your educational credentials, language proficiency, and official immigration documents. On the other hand, the second step will require you to provide additional requirements.

Am I eligible for Express Entry?

People eligible for an Express Entry are candidates with at least a college or university degree or skilled work experience in trade businesses. Additionally, applicants with moderate proficiency in French and English can increase their chances of getting approval. These eligible individuals can also apply for other immigration programs, such as the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

What are the requirements I should have for Express Entry?

There are numerous qualities you have to fit under to increase your comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score. It’s a standard that computes that ranks the likelihood that you’ll receive an invitation to apply. Some credentials that can increase your chances for an Express Entry are as follows:

  • Age: Applicants under 30 years old generally have a better chance of receiving an invitation to apply
  • Educational attainment: Have at least two Bachelor’s degrees or a Master’s degree. It’s even better if you have a Ph.D.
  • Language proficiency: Have a rank of level eight or higher in the Canadian Language Benchmark [CLB]. Bilingualism in French or English is preferred.
  • Work or educational experience: Have had experience working under a Canadian company or studying in a Canadian institution. Skilled workers, in particular, must have at least one year of full-time work experience in the past 10 years in a skilled occupation.
  • Networks and connections: Have an upcoming or current employment offer from a Canadian company. This also applies to people with a nomination from the provincial nominee program.
  • Family and relatives: Have immediate family members residing in Canada.

How much will an application for Express Entry cost?

Besides your national passports and other proofs of identification, every document you have to provide will cost specific fees per test or assessment. Medical examination fees will cost around $450 for adults and $250 for children. Biometrics paperwork can cost $85 per person. For skilled workers, an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) will cost $200 per person. For all applicants, language tests have an average cost of $300.

You will need to pay for government fees costing around $1,325 for adults once you get an invitation to apply to be eligible for Canadian permanent residence. Remember that you must also prove that you have sufficient funds to resettle in Canada beyond these application costs. For this reason, it’s necessary to have all your books and financials in order before submitting your application.


Express Entry is one of the easiest methods to secure a Canadian permanent residence. However, it’s still necessary to ensure that you have all the background information you need to submit a compelling portfolio. Remember that you’re competing with thousands of other applicants who also want to start life anew in Canada. This is why it’s advantageous to seek out an immigration agency to double-check and process your paperwork.

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