Spotting Fake and Deceptive Canadian Immigration Job Scams

Spotting Fake and Deceptive Canadian Immigration Job Scams

For many people, the Canadian Dream represents a better life with brighter opportunities. While the idea itself is extremely appealing, there are many individuals who will capitalize on every opportunity to scam people out of their money. Many pathways to Canadian immigration require job offers as a prerequisite. Because of this, there has been a significant rise in the number of immigration job scams.

The sad reality is that there are fake job deals that try to attract the attention and squeeze hard-earned money out of would-be immigration applicants. However, this should not deter you from applying. The key is knowing how to spot fake job offers and to stay away from them. This blog post will help you know how to tell real from fake when you are looking for a job.

Spotting Fake and Deceptive Canadian Immigration Job Scams

1 – How Did You Know About the Job?

The first question you need to ask yourself is how you came to know about this job. If you were the one who found the job post on some immigration forum, checking the legitimacy of the job advertisement source where you found it. However, if you came to know about the job because somebody you barely know invited you to apply, that is a red flag.

2 – Conduct an Online Search

It pays to look online for proof of the legitimacy of the company that you are applying for. If the job is real and legal, it will almost certainly come with a website that will give you a detailed background of the company. If they do not have this, it may be another sign that the job is a scam.

3 – Look at Their Email Address

You may often be able to find a fake job offer if you look at the email address they are using to correspond with you. Usually, legitimate companies in Canada will have emails that have “” if you notice a plain “.com” at the end of their email, this may signal that the job may not be as legitimate as it seems.

4 – Be Aware of Canadian Government Processes

Keep in mind that the Canadian government will not email you to personally ask you to apply for a job. This may be a way for fraudulent companies to appear legitimate, but it should be one of the most obvious red flags to look out for.


If you feel anything off about the job or the hiring process, your subconscious mind may be warning you that there is something fishy about it. If any aspect of the job does not sit right with you, it will pay to ask questions to the representative of the company. Keep in mind that if the job was legitimate and had nothing to hide, the representative will be more than willing to help clear the doubt in your mind about the job. However, if you feel that the person you are interacting with is trying to conceal some information or hide something about the job, it is best that you take your search elsewhere before you fall victim to a job scam. 

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