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Who we are

IMMPROVED is a revolutionary idea born from passion, devotion, and persistence to address the challenges involved in the immigration process. The platform assists potential immigrants in determining their best options for immigrating to Canada. It also identifies how they can improve their chances, should they fall short of the requirements.

By simply completing the IMMPROVED questionnaire, users can now instantly determine if they are eligible to immigrate to Canada. 

For Lawyers and Immigration Firms: Be more efficient with your time and resources by using IMMPROVED to qualify your clients quickly and effectively. Contact us today to learn more.
For Prospective Immigrants: You’re a click away from changing your life. Our free platform will not only tell you if you’re eligible to immigrate, but it will also tell you which programs you qualify for.

Why Us

The IMMPROVED platform was developed by the CEO and lead consultant of one of Canada’s top immigration firms. He was inspired to simplify the immigration qualification process after personally witnessing its many time-draining challenges. IMMPROVED was created with the belief that the immigration process needs to be simplified. The IMMPROVED team is made up of a diverse group of individuals with years of immigration experience, all driven by a shared set of values. They believe in staying authentic and ethical while building an immigration solution that will revolutionize immigration as we know it.
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Immproved is looking to partner with immigration consultancy and law firms, settlement offices, governments and schools to better assist perspective immigrants from across the globe. If you're interested in a partnership, contact us today.

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